Giraffe Residence

Giraffe Residence
Giraffe Residence ACCOMMODATION

Giraffe Residence, is Kaskazi’s family run wildlife lodge with six en-suite bedrooms. The lodge is located within Dolly Wildlife Estate, only thirty minute drive from Kilimanjaro International airport and Arusha Town, nestled between Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru and home to zebras, wildebeests, Elands, Kudu’s, other species of gazelles and antelopes including the very shy and rare Gerenuk.

Within the estate we have a large variety of different activities to offer, such as horse riding, horse polo, golf, nature walks, yoga, spa treatments and are only a stones throw away from the famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar with a very convenient airstrip, only ten minutes down the road from the lodge.

Here at Giraffe Residence, we strive to be a green, home away from home stay, where one can stay with a conscious mind and without leaving a heavy footprint. Our vegetable and herbs are home grown in our organic garden and harvested every morning. The dairy and meat products are locally sourced from our next-door neigh-borough whom practices permaculture. At the lodge, we are passionate food lovers and a big effort goes into creating a unique culinary experience for guests.

The lodge has been named after the Tanzanian national animal, the giraffe, which is endangered and we have therefor committed to donating a portion of each bed-night to the Giraffe Conservation Organisation (GCO) and to support our local village. We have had rescued orphan giraffes on the property in the past and are in the process of rescuing two giraffes who will make up the first of the giraffe team.