Safari Horses

The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back. Your journey with us will bring essential joy of being in contact with the horse and its nature.

Kaskazi Horses

The horses are all purpose trained safari horses, with a mix of local breeds and thoroughbreds. Close to all of them are ridden in western style, with one hand. This allows you to take photos and dig into your saddlebag while out on safari. Only some of them are ridden English style, if this is the case the guide will tell you before you mount your horse. All horses are given lots of love, care and attention, therefore resulting in their nice characters and strong personalities. They all have their own heads with different temperaments, which allows us to find a perfect fit for each rider.

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A thoroughbred mare, originally from Kenya and spent her first years as a race horse. A lovely forward going ride on safari that play’s polo when there’s no safaris.

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Sweet Spot

The mare with the attitude. Sweety is appaloosa/ thoroughbred cross, does safaris and plays high goal polo. Forward going little mare with the strongest heart.  Not the typical cuddler but will always give her best. Very smooth ride.

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Thoroughbred mare from Kenya. She’s an X-race horse and has bred some very nice foals. A lovely forward going ride with very comfortable gaits.

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The princess in our safari string, a top bred Arab that is beautiful to the eye.  A girl with a lot of attitude that will never tire and always give her heart. A lovely forward going ride that you will fall in love with on safari.